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Afghanistan: Mullā ‘Umar se ’Ashraf GhanI Tak

Afghanistan: Mullā ‘Umar se ’Ashraf GhanI Tak
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Afghanistan: Mulla Umar se Ashraf Ghani Tak is a distinct publication of IPS Press – the publishing arm of Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad – on the subject of Afghanistan. The book is an assorted account of insightful experiences and observations of a senior Pakistani diplomat who has not only witnessed many important events taking place but also remained a part of many.

Ambassador (r) Syed Abrar Hussain has served as a Pakistani representative in Afghanistan on more than one occasions, whereas his services in the Foreign Ministry also had a lot to do with the country’s affairs. The writer witnessed history being made as well as torn right before his eyes during all this time, while having an opportunity to observe various landmark events very closely. You will not only find in this book the stories from Mulla Umar’s era, but also the happenings from Ashraf Ghani’s time; not only the history of Pak-Afghan relations, but also the insights into the Afghan peace process.

The standout feature of this publication is that majority of the events presented in the book are eye-witnessed and based on the first-hand experiences of the author. The author has also presented an admissible strategy at the end of the publication for the amelioration of Pak-Afghan relations, which should be looked at by the policy circles of both sides with sincerity and honesty. The given recommendations not only have the potential to improve bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but can also pave way for achieving sustainable, long-lasting peace in the region.

Written in simple and affluent Urdu, the book is also a practical response to the demur that it is difficult in today’s era to take up a research and academic endeavor in the national language.

backdrop and evolving scenario of international as well as regional politics and relations, especially vis-à-vis Afghanistan.

Publisher: IPS Press

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