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Family Law In Islam Theory And Application

Family Law In Islam Theory And Application
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About the Book
The present book is a systematic exposition of Shari’ah rules of Muslim marriage contract on which family organization is structured. It explains legal injunctions on important issues of marital relations and family organization. The book explores and investigates the ideals and precepts on marriage and divorce both in classical jurisprudence as well as in the modern legal codes of personal status of Muslim countries. The book also highlights areas of tension between the classical jurisprudence and the modern legislation on a number of
issues of Islamic Family Law. Although the focus of the book is primarily on the traditional law of Islam as explained and interpreted by the early jurists, nevertheless, it also examines modern legislation in the sphere of family law to offer points of comparison and contrast between the theory and practice. It is hoped that the present study will not only make an important contribution to the field but will generate much interest among scholars to analyze and further develop the ideas presented in the book.

Publisher: IPS Press