Monday, December 10, 2018
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  1. Membership of Readers Club is open only to citizens of Pakistan. Expatriates are entirely precluded.
  2. Membership form processing fee is Rs. 10/-(Rupees Ten Only) and will be issued after noting down National Identity Card Number of the intending applicant.
  3. Membership Fee is Rs. 100/-(Rupees one hundred only) per annum in the form of postal order.
  4. A member may purchase books worth Rs. 6,000/-(Rupees Six Thousand only) during a financial year.
  5. 50% discount is allowed to members on printed price on books.
  6. Members are entitled to purchase any books of their choice. They will, however, not be entitled to buy textbooks, obscene/pornographic literature, anti-state and anti-religion material, magazines and periodicals under the scheme. Nevertheless, Club reserves the right to preclude any title without assigning any reason.
  7. A membership Card will be issued by the Club only after completion of all the formalities i.e.
    1. Two latest photographs of size 1” x 1”
    2. Photocopy of National Identity Card.
  8. This Card entitles the members to purchase books of their choice from approved bookshops mentioned on the list provided.
  9. It’s compulsory that Membership Card may be collected personally.
  10. Registration Card must be carefully kept and presented to the shopkeeper at the time of purchasing books. It must be ensured by the members that purchases are duly recorded in the Membership Card.
  11. Membership Card must returned to the Foundation personally, through booksellers or by post when either ceiling of Rs. 6,000/- is Consumed or the validity date expires; whichever earlier.
  12. Books purchased through Readers Club cannot be resold.
  13. In case of any difficulty in purchasing books, Incharge Readers Club may be contacted by phone or personally.
  14. Telephone or postal requests for supply of application form shall not be entertained.
  15. Reader Club seal shall be affixed on each book purchased by the member.
  16. Members are required to ensure that the books written on the credit voucher and the Membership Card are same, which have been purchased by them. Any violation to the said moral and legal obligation, if detected and found, shall be attributed to the member which may debar him from future membership.
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