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Aims & Objectives

  • To encourage the proposition of creativity, literacy, and to enhance the culture of writing and reading.
  • To have healthier feedback and opinion along with criticism and suggested resolutions.
  • To promote the policy guidelines in relation to codes of conduct pertaining to best practices and high standards of ethics in particular towards book development and publishing.
  • To have greater interaction with national and international institutions for the protection of copyright and intellectual property rights for authors and publishers.
  • To ensure the books availability throughout Pakistan and beyond the frontiers either printed or digital books.
  • To provide conducive and enriched supportive academic environment to authors either writing for children’s, school and college going students or at university level.
  • To explore new markets pertaining to textbooks, general books (fiction, non-fiction, pure sciences, and applied sciences) within Pakistan and beyond frontiers.
  • To find out new ways and means to comprehend covid-19.
  • To find out the resolutions to eliminate the piracy from the local markets of Pakistan.


  • Developing National and Regional Linguistic skills among every segment of society.
  • Creating a sense of belonging to a national identity being a proud Pakistani.
  • Disseminating the values of tolerance, moderation and acceptance.
  • Utmost endeavors are in practice to contribute to the movement of Authorship, Textbook, Reference Books & General Books Development, Translation, Printing and Publishing in order to further enrich National institutions.