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National Library Association Delegation Visits National Book Foundation HO

National Library Association Delegation Visits National Book Foundation: Emphasizing the Importance of Books and Future Collaborative Plans:

Islamabad (Special Correspondent) – A delegation from the Sindh Karachi chapter of the National Library Association recently visited the Head Office of the National Book Foundation (NBF). During the visit, the Secretary of NBF provided the delegation with a detailed briefing on the foundation’s role, objectives, and functions. The delegation also toured the Book Museum, Wall of Honour, Indonesian Corner, and the Bookshop.

The Secretary of NBF highlighted the significance of books and their promotion during the visit. A question-and-answer session was held in the Committee Room, where the Secretary emphasized the need for increased collaboration between the National Library Association and NBF Karachi. This collaboration aims to promote books through book fairs and various events in Karachi’s educational institutions.

Mr. Munawar, the Regional Incharge of NBF Karachi, has been instructed to maintain contact with the delegation members and plan future book fairs and activities. It is crucial that the Head Office remains informed of all developments and communications.

The Secretary of NBF noted that book fairs and educational events are essential to fostering a reading culture among students and the general public. He stated that NBF’s mission is to highlight the importance of books and encourage the habit of reading.

The delegation praised NBF’s efforts and assured continued collaboration in the future. Delegation members expressed that promoting books is vital for societal development and enhancing intellectual awareness.

NBF’s initiative has been well-received by the public, and it is anticipated that large-scale book fairs will soon be organized in Karachi’s educational institutions.