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President Dr. Arif Alvi took a decisive step toward inclusivity on Wednesday, urging increased access to books and knowledge for the visually impaired in Pakistan.

President Dr. Arif Alvi showcased a strong commitment to inclusivity on Wednesday, championing increased access to books and knowledge for the visually impaired in Pakistan.
During a meeting at Aiwan-e-Sadr to evaluate the National Book Foundation’s performance, the president emphasized the crucial role of reading in individual and societal development. He specifically praised the Foundation’s commendable initiative to provide books and knowledge in braille for the visually impaired, viewing it as a significant step towards narrowing the access gap.
Dr. Raja Mazhar Hameed, the Managing Director, delivered a comprehensive report on the Foundation’s ongoing efforts, including a program tailored for individuals with dyslexia. Hameed briefed the president on plans to develop dedicated books for dyslexic children from kindergarten to Grade 8, ensuring these resources are readily available for the upcoming academic year (2024-25).
The meeting highlighted the Foundation’s Braille Press in Karachi, offering books to the visually impaired at a highly subsidized rate of just Rs. 10 per book. This affordable access is poised to substantially enhance educational opportunities for visually impaired children.
President Alvi welcomed the news that the Foundation would distribute these braille books to visually impaired students enrolled in grades Prep to 8 across 431 schools in Islamabad. He commended the Foundation’s broader efforts to publish a diverse range of braille books, ensuring their availability not only within Pakistan but also internationally.
The president’s visit and directive signify a significant commitment to nurturing a more inclusive and literate Pakistan, where knowledge and resources are readily accessible to all, regardless of disability.